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I flinched a bit as a small twig from a nearby tree swung back and grazed me across the cheek. Just another small scrape to add to the list as I tried to forge my way through this dim-lit forest. I pressed forward, careful to ensure that every step was safe, lest I fall and add a more serious injury to the list.

I’d been wandering this place for what felt like hours, although it was hard to tell with the small amount of light that peered through the tree tops. My phone had gotten destroyed a while ago, when I’d fallen into a river while hiking with some friends. The water itself was surprisingly warm, preventing me from getting hypothermia, but it took from me my ability to tell time.

Despite the fact that I couldn’t tell how long I’d been out here, nor was I able to get in contact with anyone, I felt strangely at peace, as if there were a spell on me. To be truthful, it almost felt like there was a spell on this whole land. The dim-lighting, musty atmosphere, and sounds of insects and animals seemed to play tricks on my mind as I pressed though this forest, with shadowy figures seeming to be dancing just out of sight.

My name’s Jake, by the way. I’m sure you’re wondering how I found myself out here. Well, as I mentioned earlier, I’d been on a hike with my friends. One of my friends had dared me to climb out to an outcropping on a cliff nearby for a picture. Being the daredevil that I am, I accepted her dare without hesitation, and quickly began to scour my way up the outcropping. I posed triumphantly at the top, only for my achievement to bet met with the sounds of screams from friends and cracking of the unstable rock I was perched on. My memory is a bit hazy of that moment, but I remember the last though going through my mind was the face of my mother and her smile as I plummeted off the cliff on the other side, to the river that coursed seemingly hundreds of feet below.

Rather than find myself in a cold, watery grave, I’d woken up down river in a part of the forest I’d never been to before. The water itself was lukewarm, like a hot bath that had been sitting out for a while. I pulled myself out of the river, thankful for whatever deity kept me alive, before seeing I still had my waterproof pack. My phone was gone but all was not lost, as my pack had a change of clothes, a few protein bars, a bottle of water, and a compass. I decided to look around a bit for my phone, and, seeing it wasn’t there, departed off in the direction I believed the entrance of the forest we’d come in through was located.

My walking sped up a bit when I noticed a light in the distance. I quickly approached the light, and had to cover my eyes for a bit as they adjusted to the sunshine. I found myself in a meadow next to another cliff, overlooking a valley below. The breeze sent a chill through my body as I looked down to try to see if I recognized anything. I realized that I had no idea where I was, and at last a sense of panic started to set in. I sat down and tried to catch my breath and to take a quick drink, when I noticed something odd out of the corner of my eye.

To my right, a small plume of smoke rose. My first thought was that it was a forest fire, but there were no visible flames in the trees, and the cloud didn’t look dark enough. In fact, it looked almost like… chimney smoke? Curiosity filling me, I decided to approach the plume of smoke. What greeted me was a shocking sight: a small cabin on the edge of the cliff! I approached it cautiously, not wanting to make its occupant think that a wild animal was approaching. I was about to knock on its door, when I heard a branch snap behind, causing me to whip around.

What greeted me was the most beautiful being I’d ever seen. I can honestly say that I’d never had any romantic interest in anyone before, and as result had convinced myself that love wasn’t for me. And yet, when I looked at this woman, I don’t know any other word to describe what I felt. Sure, her appearance was truly beautiful, with long, golden-blonde hair stretching down to her waist. She was a head shorter than me, and she wore a very nice dress, which accentuated her impressive figure very well. Her face was soft, but her blue eyes seemed to almost peer into my soul. Her slender arms culminated into small, tender hands. Yet, beyond her physical appearance, there was an almost instinctual sensation I felt. It wasn’t lust, it felt like… attachment. Such a powerful attachment that knowing it and then having the object of it taken from you would drive any man to madness.

She had a slight grimace on her face as she called out to me.

“What are you doing in this place? How did you get here? No one simply stumbles upon this place.”

I tried to speak, but all that came out of my mouth was an embarrassing gurgling sound. I took a moment to compose myself, blushing red with embarrassment, before responding.

“I-I was simply lost in this forest after getting separated from my friends. I’ve lost my whereabouts, my phone, and have run out of food. I saw your house from a distance, and wanted to beg for assistance.”

Beg wasn’t exactly the word I’d wanted to use, but I think it caught the point across. She seemed to mull over my plight for a bit, before making a little ‘a-hah!’ sound, pounding her fist into her palm. A slight grin spread across her face.

“So that how it is!” she replied, “All right, you can come in, I’ll allow you to spend the night if you so wish. I was just about to get dinner started, you may join me for it.”

I seemed almost like a scurrying beast as I followed her graceful form into the cabin, ducking under the doorway and muttering how grateful I was to her. She didn’t respond, but simply gestured to a place at the table to take a seat as she went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

I sat silently at the table for a few minutes, before deciding to call out to her.

“M-my names Jake, by the way. It’s nice to meet you!”

“Nice to meet you too,” her gentle voice called back, “I don’t really get that many visitors out here.”

I took note of the fact that she didn’t give me her name, but decided not to press on it, as I wanted to learn more about this place.

“Yeah, it seems pretty remote,” I replied, “Do you live out here all alone? It seems like a lonely place to live.”

“Oh, it’s fine,” she replied from the other room, “I enjoy being in solitude, I don’t really get along with other ‘humans.’ Although I would certainly love to have some company for tonight, if you wouldn’t mind staying.”

Despite the pang of joy I felt course through me when she said that, the way she used the term “humans” instead of people had struck me as odd. It was almost as if she didn’t consider herself human. Before I could think some more about it, she came out with the dinner she had prepared.

Just the smell of the food was overwhelming. She’d prepared some form a soup I couldn’t name, and it smelled incredible. She gave a cute giggle as she handed me a napkin, and I realized that I’d been drooling. She gave me a spoon, and told me to dig in. The sheer mixture of flavors was unimaginable. It was sweet, then it was slightly bitter… no, savory! The flavor seemed to change every instant, and before I knew it she was asking me if I wanted another helping. I simply nodded, and she quickly filled my bowl, only for me to scarf it down as fast possible. This went on for a short period of time, and by the end of it I was sure I would never need to eat again. I leaned back in my chair and heaved a sigh, happy to be full. It took me a few moments to realize she hasn’t poured a bowl for herself at any point during dinner. That struck me as odd, and made me a bit nervous for some inexplicable reason.

“Did you not pour yourself any?” I asked her hesitantly.

“Oh, I wasn’t that hungry,” she softly replied, “I’d eaten just before you came over.”

She looked straight at me, closed her eyes, and gave me a serene smile that made all of my worries simply melt away. Of course she’d eaten before I’d come over, why else would she not eat anything? She asked me if I wanted to go take a shower, before getting ready for bed. I agreed to it, and followed her directions to the bathroom, feeling the top of the doorway graze some of my hair.

The feeling of the hot water pouring over my skin was miraculous, and it took all of my will to prevent myself from nodding off in the shower. I ran my hands over my body, feeling the large, aching muscles. The hot water seemed to almost melt them away as I washed my body. I heaved a sigh of relief, and thought about my journey to this cabin. Would I ever see my friends again? I could still hear their screams as I fell. They must think that I died from that. As much as I wanted to stay here, I needed to ask her if she had a way to contact the outside world. I resolved myself to make sure that the next thing I asked her was about finding a way out of here.

I stepped out of the shower and felt the towel rub on my smooth, hairless skin as I dried myself off. I gazed at my slender form in the mirror, before putting the sleeping clothes she’d given me on. It felt so soft and warm, and it fit me perfectly. I wasn’t very fond of the light blue color, though. I stretched my arms high above my head as I walked out, and accidentally hit the top of the doorway with my hand. As I shook my hand in mild pain, I made note of the fact that I needed to pay more attention. I didn’t want knock anything off the shelves in this house, especially after how much this lady has done for me.

I walked back to dining room, and didn’t see her. After looking around, I heard her call from what appeared to be her bedroom. I felt flushed as I followed the sound of her voice into her room and found her lounging in bed reading a book, a spot cleared next to her.

“I don’t have a spare bed, so you can sleep next to me if you want a bed. There’s always the couch in the living room, but it’s not the most comfortable place to sleep,” she said as she set the book down.

“Is that all right?” I questioned her softly, “It just seems a bit weird, sleeping in the same bed as a woman I just met…”

“Oh, I’m sure it will be fine,” she almost cooed back to me, “Now hop on in, you’ll fit snugly in here with me. You’re so cute, I just want to cuddle you up!”

That caught me off guard. Something seemed wrong, but I couldn’t quite place my finger on it. It was hard to think, and I felt as though I’d been in a haze from the moment I ate that meal. I walked over to her and sat down at the foot of the bed, thoughts racing through my mind. She sat up looked closely at me, her eyes once again seeming to peer deep into my very soul.

“Come on,” she sweetly spoke to me, “You know you want to give in to me.”

I almost found myself lost in those eyes, wanting to submit to her, give into the numb happiness that was trying to possess me, when two things suddenly struck as very obvious.

I was a head shorter than her, and her eyes were glowing a deep golden color.

I immediately stood up and tried to make for the door, losing my balance and tumbling to the ground as I did so. I could hear give a soft laugh from behind me as she climbed out of her bed.

“Pushed you too far, did I?” she asked, this time with a more stern tone to it. “I suppose I shouldn’t have tried to overpower your will like that. I do get a bit hasty with things like this.”

Things like what? Was I trapped in some sort of fairy tale nightmare? Thoughts flashed through my mind, of fables and tales I’d been told as a child. Was she some sort of witch, trying to eat me? Everything suddenly made sense. The almost enchanted feeling of the forest, just happening to stumble upon on a cottage in the woods, the daze I’d been in since the time I arrived, the food she refused to eat even though she’d cooked it. This was all her plan, from the very beginning.

I forced myself to stand as she slowly approached me, the movements of her body almost hypnotic. How on earth could she be taller than me? I took deep a few deep breaths as I steadied myself, bringing my now slender arms into a fighting position in front of me.

“If you intend to devour me, I will fight you to the very end,” I proclaimed, trying to put a bit of force into those words. They seemed to catch her off guard, as her eyes widened a bit and she stopped walking toward, before she started to laugh.

“’Devour you?’” she said in between he soft chuckles, “No, no, I do not wish to devour you. Were that the case, I would have done so without any of this preparation. No, I saved you. Or at least, I saved what I could.”

“Saved what you could?” I demanded, “What do you mean you intend to save me? What did you even save me from, and where is this place?”

“What an arrogant being to question to the person who saved you. However, I will answer your questions,” she replied, “You fell off that cliff on the edge of my domain, deeper into the forest. You did not survive your fall.”

The words coursed through me like lightning.

“I-I died?” I questioned, hands shaking, “I’m dead?”

“Yes, you died. There is not a human alive who could survive that fall, unless they had the luck of a god. No, your life ended when you hit the water,” she replied.

I put my hands in front of my face, tears starting to well in the corners of my eyes. I could feel sobs trying to escape from my mouth as I tried to make sense of the situation.

“But what about my family!?” I cried, “What about my friends who watched me fall!? What about everyone back home!? What about all the people I left behin-”

My cries were cut off as she wrapped her arms around me, pulling my face into her ample chest.

“There, there…” she whispered softly, “Yes, your life ended as you hit the water. Your life as a human, that is.”

I pulled away softly from her, before looking up at her with curiosity, and a bit fear.

“My life… as a human?” I questioned her shakily?

“Yes, your life as a human, your humanity, anything you could use to refer to a human being,” she replied, “You must have noticed it by now. The fact that your muscle is gone, your skin smooth and hairless, and the fact that you are now shorter than me. You are becoming one of my kin.”

“Y-your kin!?” I asked, surprised, “Just what on earth are you!?”

“A kistune,” she explained to me, “A fox spirit of the forest. Humans do not realize it, but there are spirits surrounding them all over the world. These spirits are mostly bodiless beings, be they spirits of nature or humans lingering around until they reincarnate. I, a kitsune, am a specific type of spirit, a mischievous fox spirit of the woods. Were it not for me, you would just be another lonely spirit wandering the world until you finally began your next life many years from now.”

“I saved you, I brought you here,” she continued with her explanation, “As your body died and your spirit left your body, you passed into my domain. I took your spirit to this plane of existence, my spirit plane of the forest, and let you wander a bit. I knew you would inevitably find your way to my abode. From the moment you first awoke on this plane, my magic was effecting you, guiding you, and changing you. It was not until you reached me that I could begin your transformation into a form more suitable of your spirit.”

“A form more suitable for my spirit?” I questioned her further, “Are you saying my form as a human is not good enough?”

“That is exactly what I am saying,” she responded, “Normally, I simply allow a human spirit to find their way out of my forest if they have died here, but I saw your thoughts as you fell to you demise. The last thought you had before hitting the water was of your mother, of her face. Her features struck me, and your love of her also struck me. You see, we kitsune rarely have children. I have not met another kitsune for quite some time. And yet, your thoughts made me long for someone to think of me in the same way you viewed your mother. To think of me with such love, such adoration; to look at me as a mother.”

“You brought me here so you could become… my mom?” I asked incredulously, “Because of a thought I’d had while dying?” I held my arm up in front of my face and gazed at it. What on earth was I getting in to?

“In a sense, yes. I suppose you could say I want to be your mother, but not as you are now. I want to be a mother to a kitsune, not a human male. That is what I meant by making you one of my kin.”

A sudden horror of realization flooded through me. I was going to stop being human if she had her way! She was going to turn me into a, into a… fox spirit? And what did she mean when she’d referred to me as a ‘human male?’

“Ahh, kitsune are necessarily female,” she responded, “my magic has worked up to this point to soften your body a bit, but you are still a man. I would never turn someone into something they did not desire to be. So, I’ll give you a choice: You may become my daughter, or you may pass on into the next life. I will not force you to decide right now, you may think it over for an hour if you so wish.”

As I got up to head out of her room and think, she called out to me one last time.

“If you do decide to become my daughter, you will gain the power of transformation, like any kitsune has. Given enough time, you may be able to assume your original state and return to the world of humans in disguise, to meet your old family and friends once more. I will warn you, however. Becoming a kitsune will alter your mind. You will no longer think entirely like a human. You should not radically change, but do consider it while you think it over.”

I felt the room and went into the living area, taking a seat on the couch. Everything in this house felt far larger than when I’d first arrived. Truly, I had shrunk. My whole body felt so soft and supple, my skin was so smooth. Her magic was amazing, for it to be able to do something like this. Yet, I was still male. If I accepted her offer, I would become female. Not only that, I wouldn’t be fully human anymore. I would be a kitsune. The thought frightened me.

At the same time though, I felt a shred of hope within me. I was not fully separated from those I loved yet. If what she’d said was true, I would be able to see them once more! But could she really be trusted?

My thoughts turned more to her as a person. Yes, she was beautiful, and she seemed to truly want to help me. Yet, even if I did trust her, would I truly be able to see her as my mother? I already had a mother that I wanted to return to, so how could I view this kitsune as my mother? I just wanted to see my real mother…

That cemented my thoughts on the matter. I wanted to see my real mother, no matter the cost to myself. If this kistune become my mother as well in the process, so be it. I walked back into her room to find her reading her book once again, this time in full “kitsune” mode. Atop her head were two golden colored ears, and a similar color tail snaked from behind her. Her eyes retained the golden color they had assumed earlier, but her pupils had become almost slit like. I was awestruck by how she somehow looked even more beautiful than before.

“That was rather quick. So, have you come to decision on my offer?” she asked me tenderly.

“I have,” I replied, my voice sounding rough compared to hers, “I will accept your offer. I will become your daughter… no, allow me to phrase that better.”

“I am your daughter, mother.”

For the second time that night I found my face pressed into her chest as she wrapped her arms around me. This time, however, she seemed giddy and full of excitement as opposed to comforting.

“Ooooh, I just knew you would be my daughter, from the moment I laid eyes on your thoughts! Come, come, it is time then. Time for you to become like me!” she declared triumphantly.

She laid me down along her bed and stood beside me. I gazed up at her face, a face that I knew would soon be engraved in my very mind and soul.

“Just relax, relax,” she spoke to me gently, “I promise that this will be the most amazing thing you have ever felt. Just let me guide you. Open yourself to my magic, let it flow through you…”

She placed a small hand on my chest, and I could feel her power begin to flow through me. I did as she told me to and let my body relax as she allowed her magic to flow through my body. True to her word, it felt incredible. My whole body seemed to be at peace.

“This is amazing…” I muttered.

“You haven’t felt anything yet,” she responded, “Just you wait, the real magic begins… now!”

At her word, my whole body began to vibrate, energy coursing through it. I felt beyond vitalized, as though all of the energy in the universe was coursing through it. I could feel my body begin to shift and change beneath the skin, bones crackling as the rearranged themselves into more feminine proportions. My shoulders slimmed down, my face arranged itself into what I assumed were far softer features, and my hands became small and dainty. I couldn’t help but heave a sigh of numb pleasure as I felt my hips widen.

“Just relax, just relax,” she repeated again and again, “Doesn’t this feel amazing? Your body’s skeletal structure is now far more similar to mine, although I think you may be even shorter now. Here comes the good part, hold on!”

A dull pain began to radiate from my groin, building and building until it seemed it would overcome me. This pain turned to painful pleasure as it spread farther and farther, the greatest point of all located in between my legs. She put her other hand on my head to comfort me as a whimpered in the face of this sensation, and it soon began to fade away.

“…there, you're female now,” she said, taking her hand off of my head.

“I-I’m a girl no-?” I started to ask, before stopping as the sound of my own voice. It was so gentle, even more than hers was! Was this really my voice?

“Yes, my daughter, you are a girl now,” she said, trying to stifle a giggle at my reaction to my voice, “although we are not done yet. I want my daughter to be at least as attractive as I am.”

Before I could question the vanity of such a statement, and intense pleasurable pressure built in my chest, underneath my nipples. I could feel as my chest began to expand, two large breasts beginning to tent the front of my shirt. They didn’t seem to stopping either, when a similar pressure began to build in my butt, coursing down into my thighs as well. The expansion of soft flesh continued throughout my body, as I could only stare at the breasts that had formed on my chest.

These were too big! How was I supposed to deal with these weights on my chest?
“You can go get a drink, we’re done for this part. You are now a female human. A fairly attractive one, I might add. Ah, before you get a drink, let me show you what you look like!”
I stood up to walk around, and immediately lost my balance. She caught my arm as I stumbled, preventing me from falling to the ground. As she guided me to the mirror, I could feel my whole move with every step. The way may hips rocked when I walked, the way my balance shifted, the way my chest jiggled with every step, it all felt so foreign. She lead me to the mirror, and let me catch a glimpse of my new self.

There was no way this could be me! The girl in the mirror was to, well, sexy to be me, even after being magically turned into a girl! Her figure was so generous it put even the kitsune who was transforming me to shame. The clothes clung to her body in ways I could have even fathomed before. Her hair was the same brown color as mine had been before, but it now fell past my shoulders. My eyes looked almost the same

“Why did you make me so… curvaceous!?” I asked exasperatedly.

“Well… kitsunes are known to be attractive…” she responded sheepishly, “Look, I didn’t choose this form for you, you did. My magic simply gave you your ideal female form, and this was it.”

“It’s so weird!” I exclaimed aloud, “I never thought the most attractive girl I’d ever seen would be me!”

“I know!” she responded excitedly, “I can’t wait for you to try on some of the clothes I have for you once we’ve finished the last step! You think your figure looks impressive now, just you wait!”

I gave a bit of shudder at that. I don’t really know how much I wanted to be this girl in the mirror anymore, but I supposed if I backed out now, she really would eat me! I slowly walked out to the kitchen to get a glass of water, careful to not fall. Taking a few moments to collect my thoughts, I reflected on the transformation thus far. Yes, I was a girl now, but I was still entirely human. When I walked back in there, that would change, forever. I would become like her, a kitsune. In that sense, she really would be the mother of the new me. Was I really ready for that, to give up my humanity?

I sat mulling it over for a bit before working up the courage to walk back in. It was time to finish what I’d started. I was greeted with a slightly more serious kitsune than before.
“Now, you will truly become my daughter,” she said, almost forebodingly, “Are you ready?”
“I-I am ready,” I replied hesitantly.

“Are you sure?” she said caringly, “You sound unsure of yourself. I would be sorely disappointed if you did not become my daughter, but as I said, I will not force anyone to become something they do not wish to be. You may still back out now if you wish, but this will be your last opportunity.”
I steeled myself as I responded.

“I am ready to truly become your daughter,” I proclaimed.

She looked positively beaming as she heard those words. She gestured for me to come closer to her, embracing me in a gentle hug once more.

“Daughter, I love you,” she said as she stroked her hand through my hair, “If you would, please stand back a bit and get on your knees.”

I did so, ending the embrace and kneeling as she requested. She place a hand on my head firmly, and told me to relax once more.

“You will feel things that will be so very tempting to give into, but you will feel an instinctual rejection to them. That is your humanity. You must overcome this rejection, and embrace the sensations you feel if you are truly to become my daughter. Do you understand?”
I gave a sign of conformation, and once again her magic flowed into me. Coursing through my mind, it was as though my very surroundings had been blasted away, consumed in the fires of the birth of the universe, leaving only me and the energy coursing through me. Worlds spun into being around me, and sensations indescribable to humans consumed my body. Those same worlds died, and were reborn anew as the sensations shifted and changed, each more incomprehensible than the last. Lost in this maelstrom of sensation and creation, I felt a hand reach out to me. It was hers.

I grasped it, and even more energy coursed through my body, engulfing my mind and temporarily preventing conscious thought. I thought only in sensations and emotions, swirling around me in a tempest. There was attachment to the world I’d left behind, to those who’d I’d left behind. Melancholy panged through as I realized that even if I could return to them one day, I would fundamentally different. I pressed on.

I was greeted with a newfound love for this strange place I’d found myself in. These beautiful woods, filled with life and endless wonder. This was my home, I felt. Where I should be. I felt myself being drawn to this by an almost irresistible force, and I wanted to make this place my world so badly. I was greeted with a feeling of revulsion when I tried. I saw it as both a beautiful place of nature, and as a disgusting place lodged only in my deepest fantasies. I must cast aside such petty delusions. I must return to the world I came from!

I saw her face. My mother’s face. Even compared to the kitsune who had saved me, she was beautiful. Or was she the kitsune that had saved me? I could not tell. This woman before me represented all the traits of both. Gazing upon her face, it dawned upon me. They were both my mother. The world I came from, and this fantastic world I’d found myself in, were both my world. I was both. The woman before me briefly shifted totally to my original mother’s face, and I saw her give her motherly smile. Then it shifted to my mother’s face, her golden eyes peering into me. I fell into those eyes, losing myself in her.

Love. That was what I felt. Unconditional, undying love, for my mother. I was filled with love and adoration for her, so instinctual I cannot put it into human words. She was my everything, and just the thought of being her daughter filled me with so much joy I could hardly fathom it. She appeared before me, clad in the same dress she’d greeted me in when we first met. Before she could say a thing, I embraced, and I could feel myself merge with this projection of my mother. This beautiful body that she had graced me with began to reflect her, and I could sense my body change further. From my head sprouted two golden-colored fox ears, the same as hers, as the same golden tail traced its way out from behind me. I fell to me knees as this happened, a moan of ecstasy escaping from me as thoughts of my mother coursed through my head. When I opened my eyes once more, I could see my reflection before me. My eyes had become golden like hers, and yet my hair had shifted into a pink color, signifying my existence as a separate being from her. I stood up, and took in the reflection of my body before me.

I was beautiful.

I awoke to the cries of happiness of my mother as she held me tight in her arms. The ears and tail were completely real, and I had fully become a being like her. I glanced out of the corner of my eyes, my vision now razor-sharp, and saw that my hair was pink. My clothes had changed also. Mother let go of the embrace when she noticed I was trying to see what I looked like in the mirror.

The outfit was a deep shade of blue. My top had become far more form fitting and skimpy, revealing my shoulders and displaying an ample amount of my impressive cleavage. The bottom part of the outfit exposed most of my thighs, covering the front and back of my body.

I knew that before, I’d have been embarrassed to see myself like this, but now, I felt fantastic. The body my mother had given was extraordinary, and I felt not a hint of shame about displaying it in this manner.

Thoughts of my mother coursed through my mind as I turned to face, tears welling up in my eyes. I ran over to embrace her once more, the movements of my body feeling completely natural.

This woman was everything to me, words cannot do my love for her justice. The one who saved me, the one who gave me this amazing body, and the one whom I adore without restraint.

She is my mother.
As I said in my journal update, I'm greatly sorry for going silent for so long. 

This one was a fun thing to write. I've always wanted to right a story of transforming into a kitsune, and I finally got around to it.

If you find any spelling errors, please point them out to me. I hope you enjoy the story!
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...You're really good. Keep it up.
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Never trust A kitsune
asdfaoeu Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017
Man, what a scuzzbag kitsune. Presenting the false dichotomy of "be my daughter or die" and trying to pass it off as kindness, drawing attention away from the possibility of other alternatives. Tantalizing the guy with the prospect of revisiting his actual friends and family, when the transformation will reduce or eliminate the priority he places on doing that. Claiming she's not going to force anything on him when she's already forced about a quarter of the transformation on him. And, of course, there's whatever she was doing to screw with the guy's head before the whole "kitsune" conversation, and the mind reading she admits to.

Heck, as far as the story text goes, there's no actual evidence the guy even died in the fall. She might have made it up to render him emotionally vulnerable. It's also kind of suspicious that she claims she was already reading the guy's mind as he fell. She had no legitimate reason to be doing that. It raises the suspicion that she *caused* the fall.
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keep up the good work :)
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

I was trying to make this one a bit more introspective and focused around personality changes brought on by the main characters' change, so I'm happy it seems like it worked.
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very well done, especially on the mental change
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Thank you!

Up until now, I'd generally left the characters of my stories mentally the same. This time I wanted add a bit of a mental aspect to the transformation, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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